QoWS - Quality of Web Services Workbench
QoWS is a workbench to model your SOA applications before you implement it, and to analyze their non functional properties before its too late (or after you implement it). QoWS provides is an integrated tool to estimate reliabilty and performance of your Web Services based application. You model your application with UML and the MARTE profile, we take care of generating quality models to assess reliability and performance.

QoWS is a plugin for the Eclipse framework, you can download it from the official web site.

Download the QoWS plugin bundle from here and unzip it into the eclipse plugin folder.

Before running the workbench, you need to install also the following plugin and external dependencies:

Try It

To use QoWS you first need to configure it: you need to specify where the workbench can find PRISM and JMT.

Launch Eclipse, navigate to the menu
Windows->Preferences->Performance Modeling
and set the path where you installed PRISM and JMT.

If you want to play with the workbench out of the box, you can download a zipped project from here and import into into your workspace.